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推論のためのトレーニング - CogniFitの執行機能

Exercises to train, rehabilitate and stimulate reasoning and executive functions in children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Online activities and games to improve and enhance mental planning, cognitive flexibility, and other executive functions.

  • Train online with CogniFit reasoning training exercises and help boost your executive functions

  • Access this scientific training tool for reasoning

  • Challenge your brain and strengthen its adaptive potential with these activities for reasoning


CogniFit: Leaders in online training and games for reasoning

CogniFit's reasoning training has been designed to help strengthen, rehabilitate or improve the executive functions of children, adolescents, adults and seniors . Executive functions are a series of processes that allow us to perform activities of high complexity, such as planning our working day, adapting to changes, reasoning or processing more elaborate information. It is important that our reasoning and executive functions are in an appropriate state, as they are essential for high performance in the workplace, academic or even for dealing with unforeseen events in your personal and family life.

The executive function training program from CogniFit is composed of a series of online cognitive stimulation games . These activities to train reasoning can be performed from a computer, tablets or smartphones with an internet connection . The games included in this training for reasoning have been designed by a team of neuroscientists, and have been adapted to be as accessible as possible.

This executive function training features CogniFit's innovative patented technology. CogniFit's technology allows the user's cognitive state to be measured in each session through games to stimulate executive functions.



Who is it for?

CogniFit executive function training is designed to stimulate the cognitive abilities of children, adolescents, adults and seniors with or without the disorder. Executive functions are abilities as complex as they are useful, as they allow us to make mental calculations, organize ourselves and regulate our own behavior. Given the importance of these, it can be very beneficial if people with very different circumstances decide to stimulate them with CogniFit.

People who want to improve their executive functions

Stimulate my reasoning and other executive functions

CogniFit's individual platform allows us to perform specially designed activities to help us strengthen our executive functions. In addition, we can conveniently manage our subscriptions and view our results after each session.

Health Professionals

To help my patients' executive function

If we want to strengthen the higher cognitive functions of our patients, such as reasoning or executive functions, we can use the health professional platform. This platform allows us to monitor our patients' training and see their results.

Family members or caregivers

Strengthening my relative's executive functions

CogniFit's family platform is designed to help our family and loved ones manage their reasoning training. This way, people who are not familiar with technology will also be able to strengthen their executive functions without difficulty.

Schools and teaching staff

Explore and improve students' executive function

The prefrontal cortex is one of the areas of the brain that takes the longest to develop, so young people can present difficulties. This platform is designed to help our students strengthen their executive functions in a professional and entertaining way.

Researchers and scientists

Study the effects of cognitive training on executive functions

CogniFit also has a platform designed to help researchers and scientists study cognitive functions. CogniFit helps the scientific team and participants save time by easing the collection, management, and analysis of study data.


Executive functions are considered to be highly complex abilities. They enable us to manage our daily needs and react appropriately to unforeseen events that may arise. CogniFit's training for reasoning is responsible for:


  • 計画力: 「先を考えて」、タスクを実行する正しい方法を精神的に先読みしたり、具体的な目標を達成したりする能力。計画を立てることで、一日の仕事を効率的に整理したり、週末の過ごし方を決めたりすることができます。.
  • < li>認知柔軟性: 私たちの行動と思考を新しい、変化する、または予期しない状況に適応させる脳の能力。認知の柔軟性のために執行機能のアクティビティを実行すると、日常的に発生する予期しない事態に、より効率的に対応することができます。.< li>処理速度: 人が精神的なタスクをするのにかかる時間。優れた処理速度により、テキストをすばやく理解したり、敏捷に暗算を行ったり、情報を処理して緊急の決定を下したりすることができます。

What will I get from CogniFit brain training for executive functions?

A correct training program for reasoning can help improve this complex set of cognitive abilities. Some of the main reasons for using CogniFit to train executive functions are:

  • 推論に関連する症状を軽減する : いくつかの障害や病気は、執行機能の変化を伴います。正しいトレーニングは、これらの障害に関連する症状を軽減するのに役立ちます。
  • 神経変性疾患の認知機能低下を遅らせる: 神経変性疾患が執行機能に急速に影響を与えることはよくあることです。これらの能力の状態を強化することは、病気による認知機能低下の程度を遅らせるか減らすのに役立ちます。最終的には、これが患者の自律性を促進し、それゆえに生活の質を向上させます。.
  • < li>年齢に伴う認知の問題を防ぐ: 健康な高齢者はしばしば執行機能や他の認知能力が低下しますが、高齢になると必ずしも認知機能の低下を伴うとは限りません。高齢者の執行機能のエクササイズは、これを防ぐことができます。.< li>執行機能の状態を最適化する: 健康な若者であっても、勉強中や非常に厳しい仕事をしている間は、非常に複雑な認知的課題に直面する可能性があります。執行機能をトレーニングすることにより、それらの状態を改善し、これらの活動をより効率的にすることが可能です。

How does it strengthen cognitive function?

CogniFit's executive function training will test your cognitive abilities through simple online activities. In order to successfully complete these tasks, your executive functions will be put to the test .

As a consequence of the training program for reasoning, the areas of our brain involved in this area will be stimulated. This stimulation helps our brain to slightly change and adapt. This is known as "neuroplasticity ". The fact that our brain can be adapted allows us to be more efficient in activities that require executive functions, be it in CogniFit training, at work, in class, or in our daily lives.

It is important to bear in mind that to stimulate the brain effectively, it is not enough to play any game . Good cognitive training must have certain characteristics, such as those offered by CogniFit training: a solid scientific basis, the ability to adapt to the needs and level of the user, and the right activities to train executive functions.


CogniFit executive function exercises have been optimized for many years to achieve effective, comfortable and reliable training. Some of the advantages of CogniFit training are:


Executive function training is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. No advanced computer or neuroscience skills are required to benefit from this training.


CogniFit's executive function training is attractive and entertaining. This makes the training motivating and users adhere better to treatment.


Game instructions to stimulate reasoning are clear and interactive, which enhances user comprehension and improves user experience.


After each session, CogniFit will provide immediate feedback that will help us to know if we are improving or worsening our scores.


The data collection processes during the training are performed automatically. This makes it easier for the user to concentrate on the training, save time and makes the CogniFit platform easier to use.


CogniFit's executive training program adapts to the specific needs of each user and creates an individualized training plan. Since this executive function training is personalized, it allows the user to take full advantage of its benefits.


The majority of CogniFit training programs are available on different devices: computer, tablet, and smartphone. This allows training to be done anywhere, so we can continue our cognitive stimulation plan outside therapy or from home.

What happens if you don't train your cognitive skills?

People who do not adequately stimulate their executive functions may find it difficult to organize themselves, to work quickly, to detect and correct their own mistakes, etc. This can translate into constant problems in self-reliance or in collaborating with others .

When we do not stimulate executive functions, the related areas of our brain reduce their activity. When our organism becomes aware of the lack of activity, it decides to dedicate a smaller amount of resources to these areas, since other parts of the brain could make better use of them. Thus, the cognitive areas involved in executive functions become less efficient , which makes it more difficult for us to use these cognitive abilities in our daily lives. Therefore, if we want to have our executive functions in good condition, it is recommended that we provide our brain with adequate stimulation.

How much time should I spend with CogniFit?

CogniFit executive function training is divided into 15-20 minute interactive sessions . To obtain visible results, it is recommended to carry out a minimum of 3 training sessions per week, preferably on non-consecutive days.

Each training session consists of two activities that train reasoning and an evaluation task. This design allows CogniFit to display a precise evolution curve while adapting the type of task and its difficulty to the user's current needs. This allows the user to check their progress from the beginning of our training until today, or even compare it with the scores of other users.

CogniFit is unique


CogniFit's executive function training is able to adapt the type of activities it offers and their difficulty thanks to the patented ITS™ (Individualized Training System) technology. The ITS™ is unique and adjusted to the cognitive needs of each user. This personalization system has been designed by an international team of scientists specialized in neuroscience.

CogniFit's reasoning training is unique. The software itself is responsible of measuring users' performance constantly and automatically selecting the activities to be performed . Controlling the difficulty to adjust it to the level of the user helps challenge executive functions.

In addition, CogniFit makes it easy to see the user improvement by storing all the variables collected during training and then displaying the evolution curve. This way we can compare both the user's state when they started training with their current state, to see all their progress, and compare the score with people their age .

Customer Service

If you have any questions about CogniFit brain training for executive functions including data performance, management or interpretation, you can contact us immediately. Our team of neuroscientists will answer your questions and help you with everything you need.